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Lo que dios significa, VOL. 2: Una Colección de enseñanzas sobre Éxodo

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Kabbalah teaches that the Bible is not just a book of stories, or a historical archive of events. Although these occurrences took place thousands of years ago, there are spiritual truths hidden within each tale to uncover and learn from today. Now, Michael Berg distills the wisdom of these ancient texts into essential teachings for the layperson. In this book, the first entry in a five-volume series, the reader can delve into the unique insights offered by the Book of Genesis, gaining a great depth of knowledge and understanding. The questions of what was behind God’s Thought of Creation and what is humanity’s purpose on Earth are answered simply and eloquently. These profound insights can awaken a desire for transformation, thereby leading readers to fulfill their true purpose. For anyone seeking ancient texts to clarify questions on their spiritual journey, What God Meant: Genesis is a powerful resource.