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Rebooting: Defeating Depression with the Power of Kabbalah

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“Absence of desire” or "lack of interest" are often listed as symptoms of depression, a medical condition that affects nearly 20 million Americans. A myriad of drugs, herbal remedies, and therapies are now available to treat this condition, and although they may ease the symptoms, none have managed to cure this devastating affliction. In his clear, strong, and heartfelt new book, noted scholar and author Yehuda Berg offers a new “prescription” for those who suffer from depression: the healing energies of Kabbalah. This simple yet profound treatment allows depression sufferers to take back their lives. Readers learn to use Kabbalah’s ancient tools to reconnect with desire, reemerge from the debilitating darkness, and overcome depression once and for all. Berg suggests specific Kabbalistic tools for readers to use on the path to recovery, while case histories provide further illumination and inspiration.